Advanced level – Listening comprehension

English – Advanced level – Listening comprehension

There are three different types of tasks in the listening comprehension subtest: multiple choice tasks, true-false tasks and open-ended questions.

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Multiple choice task:

You will hear the conversation once. Choose the right alternative (A,B or C).

M1. The plastic surgeon

You will hear the fragment once. Choose the right alternative (A,B or C).

M2. The main point of this news item is that
M3. The Brazilian government probably need to

You will hear the fragment once. Choose the right alternative (A,B or C).

M4. The bison were mostly wiped out because
M5. The unique herd of bison at Turner’s ranch are healthy descendants of
M6. Researchers are hoping to use these bison genes

You will hear the recording once in two parts. Choose the best alternative (A, B or C).

M7. For language modifications to be adopted into a language they must be acceptable to
M8. The speaker argues that

 True-false task:

You will hear the interview twice in two parts. In part 1, answer questions 1-3. In part 2, answer questions 4-6. Tick box True if the statement is true and False if the statement is false.

M9. Frazier has found that Pine Ridge Reservation has been lifted out of its meager state.
M10. The unhindered lifestyles of Native Americans were appealing to the Europeans.
M11. Native Americans defied European attempts to establish conformity.
M12. American ideals of democracy are feasible in the nation.
M13. Frazier found the Oglala living in conflict with their own norms.
M14. Frazier is enthralled with the vision of traditional Oglala life.

Open-ended questions:

You will hear the recording twice without pauses. Answer the questions in English.

A1. What did the British people do to make themselves newsworthy?
A2. Why did this happen (Name two reasons)?
A3. What has Branson failed to do (Mention two things)?

You will hear the news once without pauses. Answer the questions in English.

A4. Describe the current situation of the red squirrel. (List two issues.) (30 seconds to respond)
A5. What needs to be done to preserve the current habitat of red squirrels? (List four suggestions) (30 seconds to respond)