True-false task 1. (IL-LC)

 True-false task:

Read the article and the statements related to it. Tick the box True if the statement is true and False if the statement is false.
M5. African Americans have often been considered marginalized in the information society.
M6. African Americans are left behind as information technology users when compared to others.
M7. The diffusion of African Americans increases the division in the information society.

AfroGEEKS: From Technophobia to Technophilia.

In recent years, African Americans, especially, have been portrayed as poster children for the digital divide discourse. Though rarely represented full participants in the information technology revolution, Black people are among the earliest adopters and comprise some of the most ardent and innovative users of IT. African diasporic people¬īs many successes within new media and information technologies are too often overshadowed by the significant inequalities in technology access which ultimately produces the racial digital divide.


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