Intermediate level – Writing

English – Intermediate level – Writing

There are three different types of tasks in the writing subtest. Here are some example tasks.

Find out more about the writing subtest here.


You visited Toronto last autumn to attend an annual international work event. There you met a Canadian who works in the same line of work as you do.

Write him/her a letter, in which you tell:
• how you have been doing for the last few months
• at least one thing concerning your work
• three other things or events
• propose a meeting
Remember to start and finish the letter in an appropriate way. Write in English and use clear handwriting.


You have ordered a book from a British book club. After receiving the book, you notice that some pages are missing. This bothers you, and you decide to write an e-mail to the book club.

Say in you e-mail:
• who you are
• what has happened
• how you want this issue to be settled
• give accurate information about the order and your contact information
Write in English and use clear handwriting.


Read the letter to the editor below and reply to it. Justify your opinion extensively!

Moderate drinking doesn’t make bad drivers
Dear Sir,
It has been appalling to read about plans on lowering the drink-drive limit from 0.8 to 0.5, the level recommended by the EU. I am certain that most drink-drive motorists are well over the present limit. A lower limit would not stop them from drinking and driving. Instead, those of us who have a normal sense of responsibility and know how to have just one drink, would suffer from this senselessly low limit.
Jonathan Keats, Barwick, North Yorkshire