Intermediate level – Speaking

English – Intermediate level – Speaking

Speaking subtest consists of a language laboratory part.

The language laboratory part takes 20 minutes and includes three tasks: An account, Situation tasks and a Short presentation. Here are examples of each task type.

Find out more about the speaking subtest here.

Example 1.

Tell briefly about your time at school in English. Start by telling your name and then continue for example with these topics:

‚ÄĘ Where did you go to school? You can choose which school level to talk about.
‚Äʬ†What was your school like?
‚Äʬ†What were your teachers like?
‚ÄĘ Tell about a fun / sad / embarrassing situation from your years in school.

You have 1 minute to think about what you want to say. You can make¬†notes during the preparation¬†period, if you want. Start speaking when¬†you hear ”Start speaking now, please”. You have 1¬Ĺ minutes to speak. Try to speak for the whole time!
Preparation period: 1 minute
Speaking time: 1¬Ĺ minutes

Example 2.

Take part in the following conversation. Answer as naturally as possible in the situations presented. The speaking time is given in brackets. The replies of the person you are speaking with are marked by stars.

You make a phone call to a mail order company and make an order:
Center: *****
YOU: [Greet the person and ask to be connected to the sales department.] (10 sec)
Center: *****
Jones: *****
YOU: [Greet the person and introduce yourself. Explain that you would like to order a microwave oven that you have seen in their catalogue.] (20 sec)
Jones: *****
YOU: [Check it. It is YWA478.] (15 sec)
Jones: *****
YOU: [You thought that the price was £80. Ask if the price has risen.] (15 sec)
Jones: *****
YOU: [It is too expensive for you. End the phone call politely.] (10 sec)

Example 3:

Take part in the following conversation. Answer as naturally as possible in the situations presented. Clues are presented within the brackets for the situation at hand.

This is a phone conversation. You have been connected to Mr. Jones.
YOU: [Make sure that you are speaking with Mr. Jones.] (15 sec)
Mr. Jones: *****
YOU: [Say that you were actually calling about the same thing.] (15 sec)
Mr. Jones: *****
YOU: [Suggest Tuesday, 7th of November.] (15 sec)
Mr. Jones: *****
YOU: [The suggested time is ok with you.] (10 sek)
Mr. Jones: *****
YOU: [Correct the date; 14th of November is a Tuesday. Suggest a meeting between 8 am and 11 am.] (20 sek)
Mr. Jones: *****
YOU: [10.30 am is ok with you, but you can only attend for half an hour.] (15 sek)
Mr. Jones: *****
YOU: [Answer affirmatively and confirm the meeting  time once more.] (20 sek)
Mr. Jones: *****

Example 4:

Present and justify your opinion on the following topic in English. Try to speak as naturally as possible.

Are there different duties/chores for men and women?
-Which chores are for men, and which are for women? Why?
-Are there any professions that are suitable only for men or women? Why?
-Have you noticed differences in gender roles in different cultures? Give some examples.
-Have gender roles changed in Finland during the recent years? How?
-How do you think gender roles will change in the future?

You have 2 minutes to think about what¬†you want to¬†say. You can make notes during¬†the preparation period¬†if you want. Start speaking¬†when you hear: ‚ÄúStart speaking now, please‚ÄĚ. You have 2¬†minutes to speak. Try to speak for¬†the whole time!

Preparation period: 2 minutes
Speaking time: 2 minutes