Basic level – Reading comprehension

English – Basic level – Reading comprehension

Tekstin ymmärtämisen osakokeessa on kolme erilaista tehtävätyyppiä: monivalintatehtävät, oikein-väärin -tehtävät ja avoimet kysymykset.

Lue lisää tekstin ymmärtämisen osakokeesta täältä.



Lue vaihtoehdot ja teksti. Valitse sitten oikea vaihtoehto. Laita rasti oikean vaihtoehdon (A, B tai C) kohdalle.
M1. Pizzerian perustamisen seurauksena
M2. Al avasi uuden ravintolan
M3. La Famiglia on tunnettu Bostonissa
M4. Maryannin tehtävänä on

La Famiglia

Everyone likes a success story, and Al Giorgio of La Famiglia has one that defies the laws of business. Five years ago Al and his wife Maryann opened up Giorgio’s Pizzeria in the North End. They quickly built up a large, loyal following that helped revitalize the Salem Street area by attracting new businesses. Al then came upon the idea to recreate his success at the pizzeria and opened a restaurant just a block down the street. They hired a chef from Italy to create a Roman style menu. Al gets a kick out of the notion that his menu is a product of the health conscious life-style of the 2000s but is quick to point out that this is an ancient cuisine that goes back over 400 years. La Famiglia is well known in the Boston area for serving portions that are two to three sizes larger than normal and usually impossible to finish in one sitting. Al states that size aside, the taste has to be there and Maryann spends her day visiting the other three locations to monitor the kitchens and insure quality.

WHERE – Boston

Oikein-väärin -tehtävä:

Lue ilmoitus ja siihen liittyvät väittämät. Vastaa onko väittämä oikein vai väärin.
M5. Työsuhde on pysyvä.
M6. Tarjolla on myös esimiestehtäviä.
M7. Lisätietoja saa postitse.


Mature, responsible people are required for short term residential posts caring for the elderly. The conditions are good and the salaries excellent. If you genuinely care for those in your charge and would like further details on the posts available, please call us.
Tel: 01732 355231

Avoimet kysymykset:

Lue uutinen ja vastaa kysymyksiin suomeksi.
A1. Miten Mona Lisan hymyä tutkittiin?
A2. Millaisia aineksia Mona Lisan hymy sisälsi? (3 asiaa)
A3. Mihin kasvonpiirteisiin analyysi perustui?
A4. Mitä Illinoisin yliopiston keksinnöstä kerrotaan? (Mainitse 2 asiaa.)
A5. Miten keksintöä voisi kehittää edelleen?

Mona Lisa happy, computer says

A computer has been used to decipher the mysterious smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Possibly the most famous portrait of all time, Mona Lisa’s expression has intrigued art lovers for five centuries. The painting was analysed by a University of Amsterdam computer using “emotion recognition” software. It concluded that the subject was 83% happy, 6% fearful and 2% angry, journal New Scientist was told. The computer read features such as the curvature of the lips and crinkles around the eyes. The programs, developed at the University of Illinois, draws on a database of young female faces to drive an average “neutral” expression. The software uses this average expression as a standard for comparisons. The New Scientist says that software capable of recognising emotions just by looking at photographs could lead to PCs that adjust their response on the user’s mood.