Advanced level – Speaking

English – Advanced level – Speaking

There are two parts in the speaking subtest: a language laboratory part and an interview.

The language laboratory part takes 15 minutes and includes three tasks: An account, Situation tasks and a Short presentation. In the interview, the participant has a discussion with the interviewer face-to-face and the interview is filmed for evaluation purposes. The interview lasts approx. 15 minutes. Here are examples of each task type.

Find out more about the speaking subtest here.

Please give your opinion about the following topic. You will have 1 minute for preparation during which you can write notes. You will have 1¬Ĺ minutes to speak. Please try to speak the whole time.

My dreams for the future

If you could do whatever you wanted in the future, regardless of educational requirements, money, family constraints, etc., what would it be?

What would you say in English in the following situation:

Your American colleague would like to know if Finns really are a silent and unsociable people. Tell your colleague what you think about the matter. (30 sec)

What would you say in English in the following situation:

Your friend has invited you round to see his newly-decorated living room. The wallpaper looks awful. He asks your opinion. Tactfully tell your friend what you really think and why. (30 sec)

Choose one of the topics given below. You will have two minutes to prepare your presentation and two minutes for speaking. Try to speak as naturally as possible during the entire time.

A) Those extra kilograms
Recent figures suggest that up to 70% of Finns may be overweight. What are the reasons for this?
How can people be encouraged to follow healthy diets and lifestyles? And what about the increasing number of overweight children?
B) Oversexuality
It has been said that society has become over-sexual and that children in particular are overly sexualized today. Do you agree with the statement? Why?
What are the signs of an over-sexual society? Who is responsible for oversexuality? What can be done to protect our children?

In the interview, you will be discussing two topics of your own choice. The interview will take about 15 minutes. The interview will be video-taped to ensure reliable rating. Take an active part in the discussion. Remember that there are no correct or wrong answers in a conversation. It is essential to express what you think about the topic and why.

A. Patriotism: a good or bad thing?
What aspects of Finnish life and society are you proud of?
Do you think it is important to be patriotic?
How do you express your patriotism?
In what international events do you actively support Finnish teams?
Can patriotism be dangerous?
What aspects of Finnish life and society are you ashamed of? Why?
How could these negative features be changed?

B. Humanity’s Greatest Technological Achievement
What, for you, is humanity’s greatest technological achievement?
Explain why it is so important. How did it change life?
Did the change affect all of humanity? Were there any negative consequences as well?
Do you agree that human technological progress has been motivated primarily by war?
What, for you, is the worst example of human technology? And the most useless? Why?
What aspect of human life would you like technology research to focus on?