Multiple choice task 1. (IL-LC)


Multiple choice task:

Read the text and the questions related to it. Choose the best alternative (A, B or C).
M1. What is said about the disposal of garbage in Barcelona?
M2. Who takes care of recycling?

The disposal of garbage in Barcelona remains a fairly unecological affair. True, large brightly coloured containers have been scattered about the city for the separated collection of paper, glass and cans, but use of them depends entirely on the citizens. Discouragingly, it is not unusual to see mounds of rubbish piling up around these and other refuse containers ‚Äď the stuff is eventually hauled off, but it is hard to escape the feeling that recycling is not a big priority.

Read the article and the questions related to it. Choose the right alternative (A, B or C).
M3. The reviewer thinks that the plot of the movie is
M4. The best part about the movie is

Runaway Bride
Julia Roberts surmounts this project‚Äôs improbable script through sheer force of will, and the result ‚Äď while absolutely preposterous ‚Äď is reasonably entertaining. She plays a woman in rural Maryland with a habit of leaving eligible husbands at the altar; this intrigues a New York-based journalist (Richard Gere) who routinely lambastes women in a regular column intended to shed light on the battle of the sexes. He gets some facts wrong; she complains and gets him fired. And so, by way of revenge, he travels to her small community and falls in love with her. Or something like that. Not one remotely credible character inhabits this film, but Roberts is impossible to resist: a classic case of star power overwhelming pedestrian material.


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