Multiple choice task 1. (AL-RC)


Multiple choice task:

Read the text. Choose the right alternative (A, B or C).
M1. The judiciary dislike the current law on murder because

The single offence of murder should be replaced by an American-style system based on the seriousness of the killing, the Director of Public Prosecutions said last night. ‚ÄúI am strongly in favour of a system that recognises degrees of homicide‚ÄĚ he said in an interview.
His call will be backed by the judiciary, which has long resented the straitjacket of the existing law. The DPP said he believed that most murder convictions would still carry a mandatory life sentence but that offenders slipped through the net under the present law.

M2. The Congress party

India looks forward
The victorious BJP-led alliance in India looks forward to another term of office as the defeated Congress party begins a post mortem on its dismal performance.

M3. What is Libby Purves’s view of rude words?

How rude is the use of rude words?

To blurt one out on the spur of the moment can be regarded as careless, but to do so with forethought is definitely a sin.
Libby Purves

M4. The main point of the text seems to be that drinking alcohol

Alcohol at Christmas

We all know alcohol wreaks havoc with our waistlines, but that doesn’t stop us bingeing on booze during the Christmas party season. And though our indulgences always seem like a good idea at the time, they also lead to carb-craving hangovers.

M5. Choose the right alternative (A, B or C).

New fashion

The women, the Daily Mail wrote recently in a characteristic burst of maidenly distaste, ‚Äúpull their shoddily dyed hair back in that ultra-tight bun known as ‚Äėcouncil house facelift‚Äô, wear skirts too short for their mottled blue thighs and expose too much of their distressingly flabby midriffs.‚ÄĚ

M6. Steve Bassam is

Ex-squatter swaps red noses for red boxes.

How times and the shifting sands of politics can change a man. Once a plain campaigning squatter, now a junior Home Office minister, Steve Bassam has undergone a successful political change.


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