Instructions for participants

Instructions for test participants

Before the test

  • Register for the exam with a¬†selected test organizer (
  • Pay for the registration according to the test organizer’s¬†instructions.
  • When you come to the YKI test, you should bring¬†an official identity card that is not out of date. Please note that such documents as driving licences or residence permit cards are not official identity documents. Acceptable documents are:
    • a passport
    • an identity card
    • an alien’s passport
    • a refugee travel document
    • an identity card issued by the Finnish Defence Forces with a chip and a photo.
    • During the YKI test day, you¬†will not be allowed to use a phone,¬† a watch, a laptop, a tablet or other electronic devices.
  • Listen and try to speak the language as much as possible. Practice and review the basic things.

During the test

  • Arrive early. If you‚Äôre late, you‚Äôll not be able to participate in the test.
  • The basic and intermediate level exams take approximately 4-5 hours to complete, and the advanced level exam takes up to 5-6 hours to complete.
  • The test is performed in two parts:
    1. Reading comprehension and writing subtests are performed in a classroom
    2. Listening comprehension and speaking subtests are performed in a studio environment
  • Read and listen the instructions carefully and follow them.
  • Always try to answer every question and task.
  • Finish all the subtests to earn the certificate.

After the exam

  • The certificate arrives in the mail about two months after the test
  • The certificate is an assessment of all the subtests in the exam