Yleistä YKI:stä

What kind of test is the National certificate of language proficiency (YKI)?

  • A language test intented for adults.
  • Anyone can participate in the test.
  • The tasks are related to practical situations and don’t require special mastery in any¬†specific fields.
  • The tests are organized in april and november (Finnish intermediate level test is also organized in january, may and august) – see the test dates and locations here (OPH)
  • There are 9 possible languages to choose from (Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Sami, German and Russian).
  • There are 4 different subtests that are assessed in the test (reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension and speaking).
  • Finnish and Swedish intermediate level tests can be used as an indication of language proficiency in the citizenship application. See more (Migri)
  • Additional information about the tests